Expand your sales portfolio. Digital.

Proper requests with polymore as active sales channel with intelligent matching.
Increase of sales presence and reach.
Digital. Simple. Convenient. Beneficial. Whole Europe.

polymore is your digital sales channel

Acquire new customers throughout Europe

Optimize use of machine capacities

Process material requests efficiently

Über polymore erhalten wir stetig Materialanfragen. Daraus sind bereits einige neue gute Kundenbeziehungen in mehreren Ländern entstanden. Dafür hätte ich sonst mindestens eine Person im Vertrieb einstellen müssen.

Wir haben eine starke Spezialisierung auf PA6/66 und Rotomoulding. Kunden suchten bisher oft lange nach unseren Produkten, weil sie uns bisher schwer gefunden haben. Durch polymore werden diese Anfragen automatisch an uns weitergeleitet. Zusätzlich hilft auch unsere Profilseite.

Es gibt eine große Nachfrage nach Rezyklaten aber es war für uns sehr aufwendig, passende Anfragen rauszufiltern. Durch polymore erhalten wir mehr interessante Anfragen. Außerdem haben wir einen weiteren Kanal für den Einkauf von Wertstoffen etablieren können.

Customer acquisition with polymore

You will receive suitable material requests from us via our matchmaking process. Our intelligent request form and our technical experts ensure that all necessary information is included. All requesting companies have been validated by us.

For interesting requests you can easily create an offer. The requesting company is immediately visible to you in order so that you can clarify any questions directly and exchange details. Our technical experts are happy to support you in this process

Your offers can be accepted directly via polymore. As usual, payment and delivery details can be clarified directly with the customer.

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Vollständige Materialanfragen

of the quoted materials for projects attractive and taken into production.
Up to 24% cost savings to former supplier.
of he requests could be substituted by other suppliers.

Your individual partner page

In order to present yourself to the broader public, you will receive an individual partner page from us - created according to the latest marketing know-how and optimised for quick retrieval via search engines. In the future, you will also be able to use a personal request form to obtain standardised material requests.

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