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What is my "role"? Does it make a difference whether I register as a compounder, recycler, converter or other?

Your role depends on the kind of products you produce and sell.

As a compounder and recycler, producer of compounds and/or recyclates, you can sell your products on polymore.
As a converter, producer of plastic products, you can buy on polymore materials.

Any user can buy and sell post-industrial recyclables on polymore easily.

Purchase of materials

Which materials can I buy on polymore?

Virgin plastics or resins with additional additives are called compounds. By compounding, at least two substances are mixed together homogeneously to adapt the properties of the mixture.

The term masterbatch refers to plastic additives in the form of granulates with highly concentrated proportions of colorants or additives which only have to be used to a minor extent in the final application.

Recyclate: Recyclate is a generic term; it is a processed plastic with defined properties. A recyclate has already undergone a manufacturing process. It can be regrind, regranulate or recompound. For better differentiation, these product types are therefore used on polymore.

Regrind: It is obtained by grinding plastic. Regrind has different and irregular particle sizes of a defined range and may contain dust.

Regranulate: Compounded regrind without further additives is called regranulate. It has a uniform grain size and no dust content and can be processed without any problems.

Recompound: This is compounded material from regrind or regranulate, to which further additives and/or virgin material is added to improve the properties. Recompound has a uniform particle size and no dust content and, if necessary, defined property values.

How does purchasing on polymore work?

Purchasing on polymore is request based. This means that in the first step you submit a request using our form, which contains all the essential information of your request. In a second step, your request will be pre-qualified by our technical expert. We will then send the request to suitable suppliers who will send you offers through the platform.

You can then compare and accept offers on the platform. As usual, you can clarify the details of your order directly with the supplier.

How do I communicate with the supplier?

You can - as usual - communicate directly with the supplier. Also, polymore will be happy to assist you. Your request will be sent anonymously to the provider. However, it is completely transparent to you who you are dealing with as soon as a provider sends you an offer and you can also contact them directly.

How much does the use of polymore cost me?

The research of a supplier for the purchase of compounds and recyclates on polymore is free of charge. You only pay the purchase price (plus other services of the supplier such as delivery) to the supplier.

What quantities do I have to buy on polymore?

At polymore there are no minimum or maximum purchase quantities. Thanks to its large portfolio of suppliers, polymore can cover a very broad spectrum in terms of both materials and quantities. In its matchmaking, polymore ensures that the right suppliers receive your enquiry. Partners can also specify a price scale to inform you of price flexibility. Simply tick the box "Request graduated pricing" in the enquiry form.

When is my order binding and which terms and conditions apply?

You can accept an offer from a material manufacturer by specifying the desired quantity and clicking on "Make a binding order". In principle, the polymore general terms and conditions always apply and, in addition, the general terms and conditions of the users which have been uploaded.

How can I make a material enquiry?

Simply fill out the enquiry form to make a material enquiry. You can do this on the homepage or on your dashboard.

How long does it take for me to receive offers?

The time it takes to receive the first offers depends strongly on the complexity of the material you are looking for. You will often receive offers on the same day, but polymore cannot promise this. After you have submitted a material request, it is first verified by polymore's material expert. If there are any questions, polymore will contact you as soon as possible. As soon as the material request is finalized, polymore will forward it to suitable suppliers.

Sale of materials

Which materials can I offer on polymore?

All types of compounds and recyclates can be offered on polymore. polymore however focuses on thermoplastics - both standard products and tailor-made solutions.

Does polymore need information about my specific products?

No. polymore uses a request-based approach to material purchasing. Many of these enquiries cannot be met with existing formulations and require specific solutions.
polymore knows every supplier on polymore personally and can therefore assess who can fulfil your request. You can then decide for yourself which product is best suited for a material request or whether a new development is necessary.

What if I receive an incomplete inquiry?

As a rule, each request for material is checked by polymore's material expert upon receipt and finalized together with the requesting company. However, if you have any further questions, the technical expert will be happy to assist you. Once you have submitted an offer, you can also contact the inquiring company directly to coordinate the final details.

What do I have to do to offer my products on polymore?

In order to offer products at polymore you have to register as a partner. The polymore team will be happy to tell you more about this. You can reach the polymore team at any time by e-mail or telephone during business hours (weekdays, 9-17 hrs).

Which terms and conditions apply?

Generally, the polymore general terms and conditions apply.  Successively, the general terms and conditions stated by you yourself in an offer apply, unless the buyer has stated his own general terms and conditions in the material request. If the buyer clicks on "Make a binding order" on your offer, he accepts the terms and conditions indicated and uploaded by you.

How do i get a profile page at polymore?

Each polymore partner receives an individual profile page, which is created by the marketing expert. On this tailor-made page you can showcase your business to new customers.

Who is my contractual partner for the sale of materials?

Your contractual partner for the sale of a material is, as usual, the purchasing company.

Marketplace for Post-industrial Waste

Which recyclables can I buy and sell on polymore?

On polymore all kinds of plastic recyclables can be offered, with a focus on post-industrial materials. This includes in particular regrind, sprues, residual quantities, rejects and overproduction.

How do I communicate with the supplier of a recyclable material?

If you are interested in a recyclable material, you can simply send polymore a short message with your questions and a non-binding offer. polymore can therefore answer your questions as quickly as possible. The polymore team will then forward your message to the supplier, with whom you can then communicate directly.

Do I always have to buy the complete quantity offered?

No - for most materials a partial quantity can also be purchased. Please note that the supplier may charge a surcharge for this.

What does the sale or purchase of recyclables on polymore cost me?

Buying and selling post-industrial recyclables is free of charge for you.

How can I advertise a recyclable material?

Simply register free of charge at polymore (here ). In your user profile you have the possibility to advertise a recyclable material with just a few clicks using the polymore form.

How can I view current offers of recyclable materials?

If you are looking for suitable recyclables, you can view them at any time in the polymore marketplace. You only need to register once, free of charge. There you will also have the opportunity to contact a supplier.

Do you also proactively inform me about interesting recyclables?

Yes, to activate this you should contact the polymore team by e-mail or telephone. Then polymore will take up your search profile and regularly send you suitable offers for recyclable materials by e-mail.

How is it ensured that buyers and sellers are serious?

Every user at polymore is comprehensively verified. This enables polymore to ensure that they are serious and trustworthy users.