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of the quoted materials for projects attractive and taken into production.
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of he requests could be substituted by other suppliers.

"I was looking for a reliable European compound supplier who could also support me to choose the best material to use for my new project. So I tried and contacted polymore and they shortly put me in contact with an experienced German Company. We're now simply dealing with each other.  That was quick and easy."

Alfredo Belli
CEO at Kairos s.r.l.

"We constantly receive material requests via polymore. This has already resulted in several new good customer relationships in several countries. Normally I would have had to hire at least one person in sales to achieve this."

Simon Bräuer

"We have a strong specialization in PA6/66 and Rotomoulding. Customers used to often search for our products for a long time because they struggled to find us. These requests are now automatically forwarded to us by polymore. Additionally, our profile page also helps."

Matthias Hauser
Sales Manager

"There is a great demand for recyclates but it was very costly for us to filter out suitable requests. Through polymore we get more interesting requests. We have also been able to adding another channel for purchasing recyclables."

Frank Herbert
Senior Sales Manager

Circular Economy

We improve availability of PiW, PCW, regrinds, regenerates, recyclates and recompounds from whole Europe. Our marketplace is an additional service as „bulletin board“ for residuals and plastics waste.