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High-quality secondary regrinds for sustainable production

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What makes us special

We recycle rigid plastics in various locations throughout Europe. This allows us to produce high-quality secondary raw materials for the manufacturing industry. Every year we process 150 million kilos of post-consumer rigid plastic materials. Examples of these are garden furniture, crates and pipelines collected from construction waste, industrial waste and recycling centres. This recycled post consumer material is used to create new raw materials Our process involves sorting, separating, cleaning and grinding the collected plastics. This recovered material is then used to supply the plastics industry as a raw material. We granulate plastics to customer specifications in high volumes and of consistently high quality. Together, we can create a closed loop solution.


Sven Fortuin

Account Manager

Raoul Troisfontaine

Backoffice sales

Joëlle Plender

Backoffice sales / quality coordinator


PVC Jazz

Post-consumer recycled PVC regrind made from pipes and profiles. Mix coloured.

PVC Off White

Recycled PVC regrind made from PVC paneling. Off white coloured

PVC Profiles

Regrind made from recycled PVC profiles. The colour of the regrind is off white


Mixture of post-consumer rigid HDPE. MFI 1-3, containers < 10% PP.


HDPE pipe regrind made from a mixture of pipes. MFI 0,4 – 2,2, contains on average 2% PP.


Mixture of post-consumer ABS/PS/POf. Sinking in 1.0 and floating in 1.085. Not made from WEEE but from toys, office equipment & cases from electrical equipment.

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Über uns

Van Werven, a family owned company, is an expert in infrastructure and recycling solutions

Van Werven was founded in 1945. In 2005 Plastic Recycling van Werven started. Van Werven Plastic recycling specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer rigid plastics collected from construction waste, industrial waste and municipal recycling centres. Re-using raw materials is one of the key conditions to keep our earth livable for future generations. By closing the chain and re-using raw materials, we have taken an important step towards joint sustainable development Our work is based on the philosophy that building a circular economy is best done together. Together with waste disposers, together with industry.

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